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Story of chimney cakes

We started our journey in 2015. We built the first stand at Futurum in Brno and the idea of truly unique chimney cakes was born, for which people would come back regardless of the season.

It wasn't easy. We tweaked the recipe day after day, year after year, until one day we decided that we had baked something special. We baked the chimney cakes, which you love so much today and which is one of the best-selling Czech sweets. Every year you buy more than a million of them, and for that we try to bring you to all corners of the Czech Republic and the world. Today, we operate 150 branches across Europe and Asia and our goal of making you happy hasn't changed for a moment.

smiles from customers every day
of chimney cakes sold per day
kg of ground coffee beans per month
branches open by the end of the year

What means Trdlokafe? Depends on who you ask.

The chimney cake is a delicious and unique delicacy for our customers. Pure sweetness with a fancy recipe. Sinful, fragrant and golden toasted chimney cakes with a distinctive flavour of cinnamon, nuts and raspberries. The chimney cakes can scent a shopping centre or a entire street. We hear from customers that the smell of our café reminds them of their morning commute to work or an evening out with friends. Wherever you work, wherever you like to go to relax, we wish to be there with you. We want to put a smile on your face, whether you are experiencing the most beautiful summer day or the melancholy of a winter evening.

We will open over 200 branches by the end of the year. Wherever you are, we will try to make you and your loved ones happy, because customer satisfaction is the main force that motivates us to create new and better products selected for the most intense experience.

We are professionals and we take our product range seriously. We care about every chimney cake, every coffee and every customer. For our employees, we are a family startup project with a perspective and a long-term view of the future. We organize various trainings and courses for our employees, which is why our coffee and chimney cakes taste so good. This is the only way we can guarantee only fresh products, created in front of our customers for their maximum satisfaction.

Nothing is as important to us as the personal touch and authentic relationships our employees have with our customers. We'll do everything we can to make sure you don't have to wait in line. We love our smallest customers and the wrapping of the chimney cake with their name, which brings a warm smile, is also a joy for us. After all, we are here for you and we know that details matter.

Because life is more than just sweet, our range also offers a good dose of bitterness. We love coffee, so don't hesitate to come in for a cup of the most delicious coffee beans, whose balanced taste perfectly complements the sweet chimney cake and combines in an ecstasy of flavours.

Trdlokafe travels with you. The mini café, which we have presented at popular cultural events such as the Colours of Ostrava and Mácháč festivals, the Znojmo wine festival, the Havířov festival, or the Christmas market at Vaňkovka in Brno, proved that people appreciate honest products.

Trdlokafe. The coffee you love. Chimney cake, you've never recognized.

"When you think differently and do things differently, you become inimitable. You will get the chance to inspire those around you and change the world."

Radek Klein

  • Italian coffee Extraction takes place in the original Swiss Jura coffee machines, which can whip up a froth so good that a coffee spoon stands in it!
  • Fresh coffee We grind the coffee with professional fresh grinders so that the portions are always fresh!
  • A choice for everyone We offer four perfectly tuned preparation methods. The coffee gourmand with a taste for strong coffee and the enthusiast who craves a delicious milk froth will find their own.
  • Unique combination The coffee and the sweet trdelnik complement each other perfectly. Combine the tart flavour with your favourite coffee for the best experience.
  • Distinctive aroma The distinctive aroma and great taste of Pellini coffee are so memorable that we stopped thinking about creating a private label and bet on the Italian number one.
  • Trained staff Barista-trained staff ensure that customers always receive an espresso prepared exactly according to the Italian recipe.
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